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BMW 7er, Modell E38
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Alt 16.09.2006, 21:58   #1 (permalink)
Standard BMW 730d 2001 E38 / Stalling :(


Sorry for my English, I am writing from Athens Greece, about my 2001 E38 730d, which I have some problems with. If you have some ideas about this, I will be very grateful if you can share any help.

This car, has 238,000 km, and has this problem;

* At 234,000 km, the car would not start anymore, a shop replaced the high pressure pump (Bosch CDI injection pump)
* The car is now starting and working OK, but it has a problem -

It is stalling (turning off) and idling bad -- but only after some time ( about 30 minutes) of working. In the first hours of work, it's 100% OK, but after about 2 hours, it starts to stall at traffic lights, and also idling is very difficult. Then after driving it a little bit 'hard' with heavy foot, it's OK again for 15-30 minutes, but eventually it will start stalling again by itself.

The parts which have been replaced so far are here;

* Injection high pressure pump
* Computer (DDE)
* Fuel filter & fuel sensors
* pressure sensor on fuel common rail

Injectors were checked and are all OK & working normally

This is very confusing problem, I am fighting it since June (6/06) already and nobody can figure it out. It is so bad that I am planning to probably bring the car to Munich to BMW so they can solve it because none of local people here can figure out the problem.

It's interesting because in the first 30 minutes of working the car is perfect, and is driving 100% normally with full power and very strong. Only after that time, it starts to idle badly and start stalling at traffic lights.

So I thank you in advance, and I hope that you will not be too upset about the English :(*

Best regards,
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Alt 17.09.2006, 09:23   #2 (permalink)
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Ort: München
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I think there are one or more injectors which don't work correctly.

You said you have checked your injectors.
You can do that in different ways: You can easily check the idle with a BMW Group Tester (DIS or GT-1) and you can check the "Leckölmenge", that means you can check how much Diesel is running back from the injectors into the fuel tank. If there is one injector with much more Diesel running back into the fuel tank than the other ones, then you can say that this injector doesn`t work correctly.

But I don't know if there is the necessary equipment for that in Greece.
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