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Modell E65/66

Fascination Technology. High-Tech in the BMW 7series.
Improved driving comfort

BASF’s Ultramid nylon in new control unit for automatic vehicle transmission

BASF’s Ultramid nylon is being used in the Bosch-made control module on ZF’s new 6HP26 electronic 6-speed transmission currently being fitted to the BMW 7-Series and the Jaguar S-Type. Unlike previous systems, in which the electronics were located elsewhere on the vehicle and connected to the transmission by wiring, the new mechatronic module combines hydraulic and electronic controls inside the transmission housing, where it comes into direct contact with hot (up to 140°C) transmission oil. One function of the Ultramid moulding is to support the electrical conductors and microprocessors.

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automatic transmission control located inside the transmission


For the first time hydraulic and electronic components are located together inside the transmission housing in direct contact with hot gear oil. To protect the electronics and conductors from such a harsh environment, Bosch chose Ultramid A, a nylon 6.6 from BASF.

Photo: BOSCH


Use of the module greatly simplifies logistics and assembly. Other benefits include weight reduction, as well as greater reliability thanks to fewer plugged contacts and interfaces. The overall effect is a more responsive transmission and better fuel economy.


automatic transmission control located inside the transmission


Smooth gear shifts under the toughest of driving conditions. The transmission control on the new BMW 7-Series and Jaguar S-Type sits inside the transmission housing in direct contact with hot gear oil. The housing and support are therefore moulded from Ultramid A3HG7, a high-temperature nylon 6.6 from BASF.

Photo: BOSCH


Oechsler (Ansbach/Germany), the company that developed and makes the plastic moulding, chose BASF’s Ultramid A3HG7 to meet the high temperature requirements and protect the electronics. Ultramid A3HG7 is not only dimensionally stable but also resistant to vibration—just two proven mechanical properties of A3HG7 that Bosch has put to good use in its solenoid valves and other components. 



BASF Corporation
D-67056 Ludwigshafen
Internet: www.basf.de
Information: Dr. Sabine Philipp.
Date: November 8th, 2002

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