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BMW 7er, Modell E32
BMW 7er Modelle
 Modell E32
BMW Museum
Werfen Sie einen Blick in das BMW Museum in München und betrachten den 7er als Querschnitts-modell. Außerdem wird ein kurzer Blick auf die BMW Geschichte geworfen.
BMW V12-Geschichte
Die Erfolgsgeschichte der BMW V12-Motoren in der BMW 7er-Reihe
75 Jahre BMW

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The BMW 750iL in the BMW Museum Munich (Year 2002)

The electronical system in the BMW 750iL (E32)

This model in the BMW Museum Munich showed the integration of electronic systems in the BMW 750iL for controlling the engine, automatic transmission and driving stability of the vehicle. The use of electronics is presented in five different areas: driving dynamic, environmental protection, information, motoring comfort and safety. In the slices model of the BMW 750iL you could saw, for example, the functions of Electronic Damper Control (EDC), the oxygen sensor of the catalytic converter and the combination of the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and Automatic Stability Control (ASC).

Features of the BMW 750iL include BMW's V12 light-alloy power unit, four-speed automatic transmission with electronic/hydraulic control (EHC), self-levelling suspension, Servotronic power steering, cruise control, automatic air conditioning and the on-board computer. The BMW Museum shows five video films, which show the benefits offered by the BMW 750iL's electronic systems.

Below you see some of the pictures, which were taken in October 2002, so before the reconstruction and enhancement of BMW Museum building in 2004. Today, the cut-away model of the 750iL is not shown any longer in the BMW Museum.

quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in MünchenThe BMW 750iL (cross-sectional model) of the year 1987 in the BMW Museum in Munich. With help of the control panels in front, the most important electronical systems of the car are explained.

quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München


Video-Monitore mit Infos zum BMW 7er im BMW Museum MünchenThe benefits of the electronical systems of the BMW 750iL are shown in five different videofilms (picture on right).

quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München








Several componets of the sliced BMW 750iL in the BMW Museum Munich are marked with light emitting diodes to explain easily their functionality on the control panels.

quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München  quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München

The sliced BMW 750il is the only 7series in the Museum.

quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München       quer durchschnittener BMW 750iL im BMW Museum in München


More pictures and more infos about the BMW Museum, as well as a retrospect to the BMW history, you'll find on the separate site  "BMW-Museum".


Source: BMW Mobile Tradition. A Guided Tour of the BMW Museum.

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